About AFCI

The film and television industry generates economic growth through the hundreds of millions of dollars spent annually for «on-location» production and creation of thousands of middle class, below-the-line jobs. A studio-based feature film can spend well over $ 250,000 per day in a local economy and a large national or international television commercial can generate local spending of up to $1 million in less than two weeks.

The economic impact generated by productions can positively impact local hotels, car and truck rental, catering, barricade rentals, local cast and crew, and a host of other local businesses. Moreover, film production can help generate sustained growth in tourism when a region or community is featured in a successful film.

Film commissions are valuable partners in the process. Often the presence and level of development and resources offered by a film commission determines whether production companies will consider bringing production to a particular region. This highly competitive environment makes a film commission an economic necessity as well as an integral ingredient in attracting this industry and its ensuing revenue to a region.

AFCI Member Film Commissions help to facilitate on-location filmmaking within a region by offering production companies a complete range of pre-production services through a central contact point. Our members provide accurate and timely information regarding local film procedures, permits, and guidelines. They also serve as a liaison between governmental departments and agencies, facilitating connections with local communities and arrangements for filming on public property. The film commission also serves as a general resource and clearinghouse for information throughout the region and assist with the following services: site location photography, location library, regional scouting services, liaison with government departments/agencies, and logistical information regarding crew, talent, facilities, stages, equipment, and support services.

The Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI) is the official professional organization for film commissioners who assist film, television and video production throughout the world. AFCI Members are comprised of more than 300 film commissions in 45 countries on six continents. It is the leading resource on the planet for location shooting. AFCI Members are devoted to providing infrastructure and incentive support resources to the film and television industry, supporting thousands of jobs across the globe, and thousands of film and television productions annually.